MegaView® Extrusions

Millers Screen Exclusive MegaView® Extrusions

Megaview is a type of screen enclosure that Millers Screen has been specifically and exclusively given the rights to build. We are the ONLY company in Volusia county that has been granted the rights to build these enclosures. The megaview enclosures remove the vertical posts as well as the horizontal railing you find on all other screen enclosures so you have an unobstructed view of your surroundings.

Millers Screen is THE ONLY company that has been "given permission" to build these enclosures. Read more about MegaView® Extrusions.

img/megaview/millers-massive-08.jpg img/megaview/millers-massive-09.jpg img/megaview/millers-massive-10.jpg img/megaview/millers-massive-11.jpg

In this slideshow, you can see we all sat back in TOTAL AWE at how beautiful this enclosure turned out. Very satisfied customers as well. This is a one of a kind custom built enclosure that you will only be able to get through Millers Screen and Repair. This enclosure shows the amount of pride, effort and heart goes into the work we do here. Gorgeous. It was a massive project, our biggest and best to date. It was a great team effort by the entire crew at Millers Screen.

Other spectacular MegaView® Screens

img/megaview/millers-megaview-201.jpg img/megaview/millers-megaview-202.jpg

Megaview enclosure of a back patio. You can notice there are not vertical or midway horizontal beams that you would normally see on any other enclosure. Its a full unobstructed view with only screening to keep out unwanted insects and other florida creatures.

img/megaview/millers-megaview-101.jpg img/megaview/millers-megaview-102.jpg

Megaview enclosures with a beautiful full view of everything around. Unlike any other enclosure seen, until now.

More amazing screens from Millers Screen

We only use Phifer Screening for all of our enclosures.

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